CPESN Leaders Help CPESN Pharmacy Owners in NCPA Show Me Episode

06 Nov 2022

CPESN Virginia Luminary Tana Kaefer, Director of Clinical Services for Bremo Pharmacy, and CPESN Virginia Beacon Meredith Ayers, Administrative Coordinator for Bremo Pharmacy, came to the aid of CPESN pharmacy owners Chris and Gwendolyn O'Neill, owners of Circle Pharmacy in Philadelphia during the Show Me episode on NCPA's website. 

Click here to see the first-ever episode.

CPESN® Missouri Luminary Tim Mitchell Receives Outstanding Practitioner Award

20 Oct 2022

CPESN Missouri luminary Tim Mitchell, pharmacist and owner of four Mitchell’s Drugstores covering the Neosho, Missouri area, was the recipient of the Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award by the NCPA Innovation Center. NCPA's announcement is below.

NCPA October 3, 2022

Community Pharmacy Fellow Profile, Missouri

Paula Boettler with Mitchell's Drug Stores in Neosho, Missouri and member of CPESN® Missouri describes how her fellowship helped her pharmacy energize their technicians and revamp their Med Sync program.