March 2018

 CPESNsm Launched

 Contact Not Established

 Contact Established

 Phase 1 - Determining Interest

 Phase 2 - Developing Network Framework

 Phase 3 - Preparing to Launch

Expect More. CPESN empowers your community-based pharmacy to improve its portfolio of medication optimization activities and patient care services. CPESN helps your pharmacy co-manage its patients along with the extended care team to achieve higher quality patient care and better patient health outcomes. With CPESN you can expect more. Choose CPESN

What is CPESN?

The Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network: Building a Network of Networks     Which pharmacies are ideal participants in CPESN?  Pharmacies that focus on PATIENTS instead of PRESCRIPTIONS Pharmacies that establish STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with their patients and members of the local health care community Pharmacies that provide ENHANCED SERVICES Services that transcend conventional …

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