CPESN® Special Purpose Efforts 

CPESN USA is helping community pharmacies gain revenue for delivering patient care services locally through the addition of specialized, non-geographic networks, programs, and partnerships. Available exclusively to CPESN participating pharmacies, these new offerings provide near-immediate
cash flow, margin, or savings.

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CPESN SPN Comparison Chart

Helping CPESN pharmacies build new revenue - health equity revenue.

Health Equity

Your secondary CPESN® network affiliate focused on helping you get paid for local Social Determinants of Heath service delivery. CPESN Health Equity readies your pharmacy to address the growing health inequity crisis.

Providing Pharmacy-Integrated Direct Primary Care within your pharmacy footprint.

Big Tree

Transform local healthcare and diversify your community pharmacy's revenue with CPESN® Big Tree Medical. The patient-membership model for integrating primary care to pharmacy practice offers affiliating CPESN pharmacies recurrent cash flow; and for some, clinic ownership.

Enabling revenue sharing through a new model of physiatry collaborative care.


CPESN PPC@Home introduces the Physical Medical & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Medical model where your pharmacy serves as the anchor to chronic disease rehabilitative care for recovering and at-risk patients.

Accessing next-generation analytics that inform margin opportunities for both products and services.

Business Intelligence

CPESN® Business Intelligence is a subscription-based market intelligence and analytics program available exclusively to CPESN participating pharmacies. Enrolled pharmacies have the tools to base business decisions on real data and insights, not guesswork or intuition. Using revenue and expense data for both dispensing and health services opportunities, you will access return-on-resources modeling for big-picture decision making.

Demonstrate value to payers with long-term-care at home pharmacy services.


Leverage long-term-care opportunities leading to expanded reimbursements, new partnerships with providers, and improved patient quality of life