CPESN® Community Pharmacy + Payer = Success

Here's a preview of the 135+ Payer video stories in this showcase. It features CPESN local pharmacies from coast to coast, in small towns and in the Bronx, from the Midwest to the Deep South delivering on more than 177 Payer contracts and raising the bar on quality. It's a story about scaling - learning from one success to build another for 41 national Payer contracts, and growing. Local. Quality. Scale.

CPESN® Big Tree Medical Launch

Moose Pharmacy in Monroe welcomed the community with an open house to announce the opening of its Big Tree Medical Clinic. With a startup goal of 30 patients in 30 days, Ashley Moose, owner and pharmacist, says marketing includes social media, and outreach to self-insured employers and pharmacy patients.

Regional Payer Program: Mobile Immunizations for Homebound Adults

CPESN® Michigan luminary Austin Brown reminds network leaders to look in their backyards for unexpected payer opportunities with local and regional agencies.

Tips for Marketing to ACOs

Rebecca Wagers, CPESN® Northeast Tennessee Managing Network Facilitator details how four CPESN networks in three states helped Emergent ACO boost flu and fall risk scores in a 2022 year-end crunch. Now is the time for networks to approach local ACOs to offer similar support earlier.

Expanded Regional Medicaid MCO Program in Pennsylvania

CPESN® Pennsylvania pharmacists will provide onsite vaccine clinic services at community outreach events held by a payer partner under an expansion of a regional Medicaid MCO program.

Health Equity: It's a No-Brainer

CPESN® NYC Luminary Roger Paganelli says training support staff as community health workers is a no-brainer for owners wanting to take their pharmacies to the next level. His Mt. Carmel pharmacy has affiliated with the special purpose network CPESN® Health Equity and will help promote a November CHW training to support NYC network pharmacies.

CPESN® NC Pharmacies Meet RxE2 Asthma Trial Goal

CPESN® North Carolina Luminary Jessi Stout says involving a pharmacy student helped make recruitment for an asthma medication study fast and easy for her Table Rock Pharmacy in Morganton, NC. The 10 participating network pharmacies met the RxE2 program goal of qualifying 32 patients for referral to the study sponsor.

CPESN® Big Tree Medical in Washington

CPESN® Washington's Kari VanderHouwen talks about her decision to affiliate with the special purpose network CPESN® Big Tree Medical. Big Tree is recruiting a primary care practitioner to reopen a clinic in a building owned by VanderHouwen and the location of one of her two pharmacies.

PGx Clinical Testing with Genemarkers

Through a national payer program with Genemarkers, CPESN® pharmacies are paid a flat fee to collect patient DNA samples for testing and review results with patients. The personalized medicine approach can indicate how a patient might respond to a particular treatment or which medication may work best for an individual.

CPESN® Nebraska, Medicaid MCO Renewal

Medicaid MCO coverage of adherence packaging and delivery through CPESN® Nebraska has allowed Elmwood Pharmacy to expand the service. Pharmacist Crystal Pfeifer says that's a plus for patients and for the pharmacy.

Serving Deaf, Hard of Hearing Patients

In this Community Connected Success story, pharmacist/owner Chichi Ilonzo Momah shares some of the steps she takes to welcome and successfully serve deaf and hard of hearing patients at her Springfield Pharmacy in Pennsylvania.

RxE2 Clinical Screening, CPESN Missouri®

Clinical Screening for Major Depression Disorder treatment study proved a good opportunity for pharmacies in the St. Louis, MO metro area to boost patient engagement and pharmacy revenue. Tyler Taylor CPESN Missouri regional facilitator, said the RxE2 program paid pharmacies for all steps regardless of outcome, saying that's "... very helpful in a world where we don't get paid for our work very often."

Expanded Medicaid MCO Program

Expansion of a Medicaid MCO program allows CPESN® Pennsylvania pharmacist to add diabetes disease management to services they provide to Medicaid patients. Additionally, they will now be paid for Social Determinants of Health screenings and referrals.

CPESN® Missouri CHW Success Leads to CPESN® Health Equity

Successful engagement of pharmacy-based community health workers in a HRSA-funded vaccine hesitancy program helped pave the way for the special purpose network CPESN® Health Equity.

CPESN® California Pharmacy Team Reflects the Community it Serves

Sanjay Patel, Clinical Director with Haller's Pharmacy describes how the CPESN® California pharmacy built a multicultural team to serve patients in its diverse local community. Attention to cultural sensitivities is important for team members and patients. This is one in a series of Community Connected Success Stories.

Medicaid MCO Plan Renews, Expands

Laura Rhodes, CPESN USA Regional PPP Lead, describes how quality performance by CPESN® Florida pharmacies in a 2022 Medicaid adherence program has led to renewal in that state with opportunities for nearly three times as many pharmacies, and expansion to Texas where almost 90 CPESN pharmacies will be able to participate. The two networks trained together last week, preparing for the renewal and rollout in Texas.

Community Connected: Hiring Intentionally

CPESN® USA Luminary Joe Moose shares tips from his experience of hiring a bilingual pharmacy technician. Moose Pharmacy is better able to meet the needs of its Spanish-speaking patients leading to new word-of-mouth referrals.

Statewide Medicaid MCO Program, CPESN® Pennsylvania

Helping Medicaid patients diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension control their blood pressure or lower their HbA1c is the focus goal of a broad statewide managed Medicaid program available to the nearly 200 CPESN® Pennsylvania pharmacies across the state. Early patient outcomes include significantly lowered HbA1C levels and impactful referrals to other community providers based on social determinants of health surveys.

CPESN® Texas Managed Medicaid Program

Brianna Chesser, a pharmacist with Best Value Ridglea Pharmacy in Fort Worth, shares examples of how CPESN® Texas pharmacies are helping to improve the health of diabetes and CVD patients enrolled in a managed Medicaid program.

CPESN® Arkansas Pharmacies Meeting Rural Medicaid Patient Needs

Sarah Covert, a pharmacist with McCoy-Tygart Drug in Sheridan, AR describes how her team works with rural patients enrolled in a Medicaid MCO plan. Understanding and addressing health inequities is part of her efforts to improve medication adherence.

Community Connected: CPESN® Hawaii Pharmacists Take Clinics to Remote Patients

In this first video in an ongoing Community Connected series, Elissa Brown describes the tradition of celebrating Lei Day on May 1 in Hawaii. To connect more closely with patients in outlying areas, CPESN® Hawaii pharmacists take clincis to remote communities to provide screenings, immunizations, and other health services.

SPN and Local Network Collaboration: CPESN® Health Equity, CPESN® Wyoming

Affiliating with Special Purpose Network CPESN® Health Equity helped CPESN® Wyoming secure CDC 1815 grant funding to integrate Community Health Workers to their practices and address social determinants of health needs for their patients.

CPESN® Hawaii, Care Gap Closure Program

CPESN® Hawaii pharmacies reached out to Medicare programs with medication adherence gaps for treating diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic illnesses. In addition to meeting year-end goals for the health plan, the pharmacies coached patients to support their longer term health outcomes.

CPESN® USA, Emergent ACO

Rebecca Wagers, CPESN® NET Managing Network Facilitator, says the Emergent ACO Special Purpose Partnership has expanded to seven states and that CPESN pharmacies have submiitted more than 50,000 eCare plans. And that's just the start.

CPESN® USA, RxE2 Community Pharmacy Program

Eric Hughes, CPESN® Arkansas Managing Network Facilitator, describes one of three new RxE2 clinical trial recruitment recruitment opportunities for 2023. In this multi-state recruitment, pharamcies in several networks review prescribing records to identify patients with treatment-resistent depression. Some patients with a specific gene marker may participate in an investigational drug study. It's a payable opportunity for patients, and creates network revenue as well.

CPESN® USA, Inside Edge Consulting

Community pharmacies educating patients - especially in underserved communities - about health conditions and access to clinical trials is the focus of a partnership between CPESN® USA and Inside Edge Consulting Group.

CPESN® South Dakota, Network Building Blocks

Cold calls to the South Dakota Department of Health five years ago opened the way for a successful hypertension management program. The small network in a rural state has tripled in size and delivered cardiovascular risk reduction programs to more than 150 patients.

Network Perspective: CPESN® Hawaii, Smaller Network Success Insights

CPESN® Hawaii credits a unified marketing front, persistence, and leveraging COVID-19 opportunities for that network's steady growth and payer contracts.

CPESN® USA, Closing HEDIS® Care Gaps for MCO Impact

CPESN® USA PPP Regional Lead Laura Rhodes describes how pharmacies in CPESN® Virginia and CPESN® Florida collectively engaged dually eligible patients in a quick turn program to obtain blood pressure readings and help the MCO close care gaps. Looking forward, Rhodes says with an earlier start in the year, CPESN community pharmacy efforts can deliver greater impact for MCO payers.

CPESN® California, NRT Grant

Grant-funded Nicotene Replacement Therapy program helped CPESN® California pharmacies refine workflows and create patient awareness of health services under expanded Medi-Cal coverage. Pharmacy Support Staff were critical to program success.

CPESN® Kansas, Cognitive Function Screening Pilot with Avant Institute

Breah Schibi of Bowen Pharmacy in Parsons, Kansas describes her positive experience with offering self-administered early cognitive testing to 65+ pharmacy patients. Bowen is one of 29 CPESN pharmacies selected for the program in partership with Avant Institute and funded by the global Davos Alzheimer's Initiative.