CPESN Virginia Luminary Kaefer Guest on Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast

18 Apr 2023

CPESN USA Board Representative and CPESN Virginia lead luminary Tana Kaefer, Director of Clinical Services at Bremo Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia, was a guest on the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast along with Hannah Fish from NCPA. Click here to hear the interview (48 minutes) by hosts Jeff Key and Marsha Bivins.

NCPA/CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship Program Featured in Pharmacy Times

16 Apr 2023

The NCPA/CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship Program was featured in an article by Carlie Traylor available on Pharmacy Times website. The fellowship allows licensed pharmacists (who must dedicate at least 12 hours in the program) to select a pharmacy practice anywhere in the country and tap into a virtual network of people, sites, and standalone resources. NCPA has partnered with the CPESN USA and Flip the Pharmacy to deliver modules on innovative topics, from workflow management and medical billing.

CPESN Beacons Ayers, Kalinski and Suthers Featured in America's Pharmacist

01 Mar 2023

CPESN® USA Beacons Meredy Ayers, Sirena Kalinski, and Amber Suthers were featured in a March America's Pharmacist article entitled, "Put Me In Coach." Ayers is from Bremo Pharmacy in CPESN Virginia, Kalinski from Duvall Drugs in CPESN Washington, and Suthers from Surgoinsville Pharmacy in CPESN Northeast Tennessee.

Click here for the article.