CPESN Ohio is Statewide Pharmacy Provider Network for Humana Medicaid

Kevin Day, owner of Day's Pharmacies and CPESN Ohio Managing Network Facilitator, describes the statewide Medicaid program exclusive to CPESN Ohio network pharmacists that allows billing for provider-status initiatives without a collaboration agreement. The program for Humana's Medicaid enrollees has a January 1, 2024 start date.

CPESN USA Director Haas Helps Launch Ask Your Pharmacist Website

06 Mar 2023

CPESN USA director and CPESN Ohio luminary, Alison Haas, pharmacist-owner of Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center in Jackson Center, Ohio, collaborated with Enliven Health to launch the Ask Your Pharmacist website. Click here to check it out. The launch of the information website was covered by Drug Store News. Click here for the story.