CPESN® Virginia and UnitedHealthCare Telehealth Pilot

Kim Wright, CPESN Virginia Luminary, and Rebecca Brown, Family Pharmacy Clinical Director, describe how the network's telehealth pilot with UnitedHealthcare makes doctor visits accessible to Medicaid patients without broadband or who may struggle to take time away from work to see a physician. Most exciting is the opportunity to practice at the top of their license.

CPESN® Virginia, Medicaid MCO Program

CPESN® Virginia is preparing to launch the network's first value-based payer program to provide services to Medicaid patients enrolled in an Elevance/CarelonRx plan. Lura Thompson, CPESN VA Managing Network Facilitator, shares details in this video.

CPESN Virginia Luminary Kaefer Featured on Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast

18 Apr 2023

CPESN USA Board Representative and CPESN Virginia lead luminary Tana Kaefer, Director of Clinical Services at Bremo Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia, was a guest on the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast along with Hannah Fish from NCPA. Click here to hear the interview (48 minutes) by hosts Jeff Key and Marsha Bivins.

CPESN Leaders Help CPESN Pharmacy Owners in NCPA Show Me Episode

06 Nov 2022

CPESN Virginia Luminary Tana Kaefer, Director of Clinical Services for Bremo Pharmacy, and CPESN Virginia Beacon Meredith Ayers, Administrative Coordinator for Bremo Pharmacy, came to the aid of CPESN pharmacy owners Chris and Gwendolyn O'Neill, owners of Circle Pharmacy in Philadelphia during the Show Me episode on NCPA's website. 

Click here to see the first-ever episode.