Successful Iowa Program Expands, Scales to Add Networks

Medicaid patients of 18 CPESN® Iowa pharmacies showed improved outcomes for their mental health, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with fewer ED visits and hospital admissions. Elevance Health reported the outcomes last week, concluding that value-based partnerships with CPESN community pharmacies can be an effective strategy to improve quality and lower costs for plan members with the most complex needs. Lindsey Ludwig, CPESN Iowa Managing Network Facilitator shares the details.

CPESN Leaders Slated Candidates for APhA Board of Trustees

05 Mar 2023

CPESN leaders Randy McDonough and Melissa McGivney are slated for the APhA Board of Trustees for the 2023 campaign year. Randy is a founding member of the CPESN Iowa network and currently serves as a luminary for CPESN Iowa, luminary expert for CPESN USA, and Director of Practice Transformation for Flip the Pharmacy. Melissa is a founding member and board member for the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (the CPESN Network in Pennsylvania) and is the Director of the Academia-CPESN Transformation Pharmacy Collaborative. Voting begins March 25, 2023.

CPESN Iowa Pharmacist Wells Named Distinguished Young Pharmacist

08 Nov 2022

CPESN Iowa pharmacist Mylo Wells, owner of Wells Hometown Drug in Bloomfield, Iowa, was awarded the Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award by the Iowa Pharmacists Association (IPA).  The award is presented to a pharmacist within their first 10 years of practice. Click here for the IPA announcement.

CPESN Iowa's Sumpter Pharmacy Hosts Senator Grassley

28 Oct 2022

Sumpter Pharmacy, a CPESN Iowa member based in Adel, Iowa hosted U.S. Senator Charles Grassley and former U.S. Representative David Young, community pharmacists, and Adel community members to discuss concerns about ensuring access to community pharmacies and appropriate compensation for medications and services in those pharmacies. The visit was covered by ABC affiliate KCWI News and