Estimated $16.7K in Revenue per CPESN® Health Equity Pharmacy Participating in Missouri Vaccine Hesitancy Program

The multi-phase Vaccine Hesitancy and Gap Closure Program started in southeast Missouri and is gaining traction statewide. Vaccine hesitancy conversations with CPESN pharmacists and technicians are integrated to Med Sync calls, boosting the revenue potential as pharmacies are being compensated for building on services already being provided. The program is funded by the Missouri Dept. of Health and Senior Services.

Inside Edge Consulting, Clinical Trial Awareness

Roger Paganelli, CPESN USA Luminary and CPESN NYC pharmacist and coowner of Mt. Carmel Pharmacy in the Bronx, describes how two Bronx pharmacies will raise patient awareness about clinical trial opportunities, focusing particularly on health equity in underserved populations. The opportunity is part of a CPESN® USA national contract with Inside Edge Consulting, a company working with pharmaceutical sponsors of clinical drug trials. (4:45).