CPESN Florida Fellow Bailey-Finke Featured by APhA

06 Jan 2023

CPESN Florida Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Fellow Jessica Bailey Finke, a faculty member at Palm Beach Atlantic University School of Pharmacy, implemented vaccination programs for homebound patients at CPESN Florida pharmacies: Atlantis Pharmacy and Prescription Shop of Stuart. Her efforts were featured by APhA. Click here for the story.

CPESN® Wyoming, COVID-19 Grant

Through the Wyoming Department of Health, CPESN Wyoming received CDC grant funding to offset pharmacy costs associated with adminstering COVID-19 vaccines, including salaries, training, vaccine storage units, computer hardware and software, and travel for in-home vaccinations.

CPESN® Pennsylvania, Vaccination Program

Community pharmacists provide flu, pneumonia, and shingles vaccines to Medicaid, Medicare, and Commerical members of a large regional health plan under a contract with the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (PPCN).