CPESN® Community Pharmacy + Payer = Success

Here's a preview of the 100+ Payer video stories in this showcase. It features CPESN local pharmacies from coast to coast, in small towns and in the Bronx, from the Midwest to the Deep South delivering on more than 177 Payer contracts and raising the bar on quality. It's a story about scaling - learning from one success to build another for 41 national Payer contracts, and growing. Local. Quality. Scale.

CPESN® USA, Inside Edge Consulting

Community pharmacies educating patients - especially in underserved communities - about health conditions and access to clinical trials is the focus of a partnership between CPESN® USA and Inside Edge Consulting Group.

CPESN® South Dakota, Network Building Blocks

Cold calls to the South Dakota Department of Health five years ago opened the way for a successful hypertension management program. The small network in a rural state has tripled in size and delivered cardiovascular risk reduction programs to more than 150 patients.

Network Perspective: CPESN® Hawaii, Smaller Network Success Insights

CPESN® Hawaii credits a unified marketing front, persistence, and leveraging COVID-19 opportunities for that network's steady growth and payer contracts.

CPESN® USA, Closing HEDIS® Care Gaps for MCO Impact

CPESN® USA PPP Regional Lead Laura Rhodes describes how pharmacies in CPESN® Virginia and CPESN® Florida collectively engaged dually eligible patients in a quick turn program to obtain blood pressure readings and help the MCO close care gaps. Looking forward, Rhodes says with an earlier start in the year, CPESN community pharmacy efforts can deliver greater impact for MCO payers.

CPESN® California, NRT Grant

Grant-funded Nicotene Replacement Therapy program helped CPESN® California pharmacies refine workflows and create patient awareness of health services under expanded Medi-Cal coverage. Pharmacy Support Staff were critical to program success.

CPESN® Kansas, Cognitive Function Screening Pilot with Avant Institute

Breah Schibi of Bowen Pharmacy in Parsons, Kansas describes her positive experience with offering self-administered early cognitive testing to 65+ pharmacy patients. Bowen is one of 29 CPESN pharmacies selected for the program in partership with Avant Institute and funded by the global Davos Alzheimer's Initiative.

CPESN® Mississippi, Social Determinants of Health Pilot

G&M Pharmacy in Oxford, MS is one of five CPESN community pharmacies to complete a multi-state pilot program with RxE2 where deidentified patient gender, race, ethnic data was collected and reported. The program demonstrates how the community pharmacy relationship with patients can help expand access to clinical trials for underrepresented ethnic and racial populations.

RxSelect CPESN® Pharmacies Help Lower Cost of Care in Oklahoma

RxSelect CPESN® the Oklahoma local network provides comprehensive and targeted medication reviews for Medicaid patients at a high risk for return hospitalization or emergency visits. The result = lower total cost of care.

CPESN® Texas HTN Remote Patient Monitoring

CPESN® Texas pharmacist Traci Bayer, co-owner of Hillcrest Pharmacy in Vernon, Texas, describes a patient's success in reaching blood pressure goals as part of a grant-funded remote patient monitoring pilot program.

CPESN® Maryland, Medicaid High-Risk Patients

CPESN® Maryland has it's first contract to provide high-touch clinical services to Medicaid patients with diabetes and asthma.

CPESN® Alabama, Payer Readiness Strategy

A shortage of lifestyle change coaches to implement CDC's Diabetes Prevention Program led CPESN Alabama leaders to offer free coach training. Lead Luminary Patrick Devereux says the network believes that having 15 certified coaches will lead to Medicare MCO and commercial payer opportunities.

CPESN® Florida, Blood Pressure Reading Documentation

Documentation of a blood pressure reading for nearly 1,000 patients by the end of year is the goal for 100 CPESN Florida pharmacies as part of a new managed MCO program. Laura Rhodes, Managing Network Facilitator, hopes the program will lead to more opportunities in 2023.

CPESN® West Virginia, Nalox(ONE) Program Renewal

CPESN® West Virginia pharmacist Amber Conrad describes how the extension of a grant-funded Naloxone dispensing program allows her network's pharmacies to serve their communities. The program is funded through the West Virginia Drug Invention Institute and the West Virginia Department of Health.

CPESN® North Carolina, Medicaid Disease Management Pilot

Improved medication adherence for patients with diabetes is the goal of a new Medicaid managed care pilot program for CPESN North Carolina pharamcists. Amina Abubakar, owner of Avant Pharmacy & Wellness in Charlotte and a North Carolina luminary, describes the network opportunity.

CPESN® North Carolina Participates in Collaborative-led Adherence Program

Increased adherence to oral anticoagulants in Medicare AFib patients is the goal of a new multi-partner program for CPESN® North Carolina. The collaborative includes the CPESN Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a health insurer, and a large health system. Luminary Jessi Stout, owner of Table Rock Pharmacy in Morganton, NC, describes the opportunity.

CPESN Arkansas, Medication Reviews Program

Eric Hughes, project manager with CPESN® Arkansas, describes a new contract for that network with CSS Health. Network pharmacies will provide comprehensive and targeted medication reviews for identified patients with reporting through the CSS MTM platform. 36 pharmacies are enrolled and other interested Arkansas network pharmacies should contact Eric at [email protected]

CPESN® Texas and Asthma Severity Technology Pilot

CPESN Texas Pharmacist Laura Temple, owner of Laura's Pharmacy in Azle, TX, describes how using Asthma Severity Technology as part of a network pilot program helped her adjust medications and improve the outcome for a patient.

CPESN® South Dakota, Expanding CVD Risk Reduction Program

With the 4th-year renewal of a partnership with the South Dakota Dept. of Health, CPESN South Dakota pharmacists will take the successful cardiovascular disease program and their services into the communities where they will educate and screen for CVD risk.

CPESN® Utah, Clinical Trial Research Group

A new contract with a clinical trial research group offers CPESN Utah pharmacies an opportunity to identify and refer qualifying patients for participation in drug development research.

CPESN® Pennsylvania, Expanded Medicaid MCO Program

Pharmacists in the CPESN® Pennsylvania network are delivering services under their full scope of practice in that state under an expanded program with a long-standing Medicaid MCO payer-partner. The long-term goal is to transition to pharmacists as plan providers with medical billing.

CPESN® Community Pharmacy + Payer = Success

Here's a preview of the 100+ Payer video stories in this showcase. It features CPESN local pharmacies from coast to coast, in small towns and in the Bronx, from the Midwest to the Deep South delivering on more than 177 Payer contracts and raising the bar on quality. It's a story about scaling - learning from one success to build another for 41 national Payer contracts, and growing. Local. Quality. Scale.

Mobility Health Expanded Nationwide for CPESN® Pharmacies

CPESN® USA Director of Value Based Contracting, Alison Haas, pharmacist & owner of Jackson Pharmacy & Wellness Center in Jackson Center, Ohio, highlights the expansion of the CPESN partnership with Mobility Health to all CPESN pharmacies across the country. Mobility provides lab services to support COVID-19 and flu testing.

Utah Pharmacists, Medicaid Provider Status

In our 100th success video, CPESN® Utah Managing Network Facilitator, Benjamin Jolley, pharmacist with Jolley's Compounding Pharmacy in Salt Lake City, shares a unique success story about pharmacists becoming recognized as Medicaid providers and a new budgeted mandate in Utah directing that state's Medicaid program to pay pharmacists billing under CPT codes for Medication Therapy Management.

Inside Edge Consulting, Clinical Trial Awareness

Roger Paganelli, CPESN USA Luminary and CPESN NYC pharmacist and coowner of Mt. Carmel Pharmacy in the Bronx, describes how two Bronx pharmacies will raise patient awareness about clinical trial opportunities, focusing particularly on health equity in underserved populations. The opportunity is part of a CPESN® USA national contract with Inside Edge Consulting, a company working with pharmaceutical sponsors of clinical drug trials. (4:45).

CPESN's EngageDr. pharmacies offer Cognivue Clarity

About 30 pharmacies enrolled in the EngageDr. program, exclusive to CPESN® USA participants, are offering early Alzheimer's and dementia screening to their patients. Funding is through a Davos Alzheimer's grant to Avant Institute. Pharmacies provide 10-minute self-screening, review results, and make referrals to physicians.

CPESN® Texas, Adding Clinical Services

Martha Mosher, pharmacist and owner of the El Paso Medicine Shoppe, credits CPESN® Texas and its partnership with the University of Texas for preparing her pharmacy to offer its first clinical program - Diabetes Self Management Education.

CPESN® Indiana, Smoking Cessation and DSME for Medicaid

CPESN® Indiana luminary Ryan Engleking, owner of Engleking Rx in Mitchell, Indiana, describes two payer programs his network has implemented with a Medicaid Managed Care plan. CPESN pharmacies provide smoking cessation patient counseling and Diabetes Self Management Education (DSME) services.

CDC's Tips Partnership

CPESN® Ohio luminary Jeff Neidig, owner of Medi-Wise Pharmacy in Newcomerstown, Ohio, shares information on the CPESN® USA Partnership with the CDC Office on Smoking and Health and the Tips from Former Smokers® campaign.

CPESN® Texas, Clinical Trial Success

CPESN® Texas pharmacist, Sirisha Kandi, owner of Fiesta MLK Pharmacy in Dallas, describes a clinical trial recruitment "win-win" for patients and her pharmacy through RxE2 program (2:33).

CPESN® Texas, Medicare MC Pilot

CPESN® Texas luminary Ben McNabb, owner of Love Oak Pharmacy, describes his network's success implementing a Medicare Managed Care pilot program. Twelve pharmacies statewide provide medication adherence and enhanced services focusing on diabetes, asthma, and depression.