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Expanding Access to Care Through Telehealth

Laura Rhodes describes how the UnitedHealthcare telehealth program allows CPESN pharmacies to be "connectors within our communities." The expansion of a Virginia network pilot has been introduced through the CPESN networks in Florida and North Carolina and is benefitting patients who lack access to broadband internet, live in rural areas with limited transportation options, or cannot miss work to make routine care appointments.

Growth Through Diversity: Pucci's Pharmacy in Sacramento Leads With Services to the LGBTQ+ Community

Pharmacist Clint Hopkins and Joel Hockman, co-owners of Pucci's Pharmacy in Sacramento offer STI, HIV, and HCV point-of-care testing and treating, PrEP and PEP in a growing program with 2-3 patients daily.

22 Languages Spoken By Employees of Hayat Pharmacy Open Doors to Diverse Communities

CPESN® USA Luminary Hashim Zaibak describes how Hayat Pharmacy in Milwaukee, WI, has grown by welcoming refugees and purposely hiring pharmacy employees who speak a second language. A facilitator for the CPESN Wisconsin network, Zaibak shares how Hayat is expanding clinical services with the purchase of a physician practice and addition of a primary care physician.

Community Connected: Multicultural Pittsburgh Pharmacy Serves Arabic-Speaking Patients

Chris Antypas, a CPESN® USA and Pennsylvania Pharmacist Care Network or PPCN (the CPESN network in Pennsylvania) Luminary, shares how Asti's South Hills Pharmacy in Pittsburgh cares for several hundred patients with Arabic as their primary language. The pharmacy has modified some processes to be sensitive to culture and religion, and added a pharmacist who speaks Arabic. Antypas says expanding services to meet community needs benefits the pharmacy as well as its patients.

Trust is Key: Connecting Eastern Culture & Western Medicine

Connecting first on a personal level is key to building trust, says Bandon Do, a first-generation Chinese-American pharmacist at Bob Johnson's Pharmacy in Seattle.

Allure Specialty Pharmacy, CPESN® NYC

In this Community Connected Success Story, Ronnie Moore and his team at NYC Minority-Certified Allure Specialty Pharmacy partner with community organizations to provide disease management, and health and wellness education to neighborhood patients..

Serving Deaf, Hard of Hearing Patients

In this Community Connected Success story, pharmacist/owner Chichi Ilonzo Momah shares some of the steps she takes to welcome and successfully serve deaf and hard of hearing patients at her Springfield Pharmacy in Pennsylvania.

CPESN® California Pharmacy Team Reflects the Community it Serves

Sanjay Patel, Clinical Director with Haller's Pharmacy describes how the CPESN® California pharmacy built a multicultural team to serve patients in its diverse local community. Attention to cultural sensitivities is important for team members and patients. This is one in a series of Community Connected Success Stories.

Community Connected: Hiring Intentionally

CPESN® USA Luminary Joe Moose shares tips from his experience of hiring a bilingual pharmacy technician. Moose Pharmacy is better able to meet the needs of its Spanish-speaking patients leading to new word-of-mouth referrals.

Community Connected: CPESN® Hawaii Pharmacists Take Clinics to Remote Patients

In this first video in an ongoing Community Connected series, Elissa Brown describes the tradition of celebrating Lei Day on May 1 in Hawaii. To connect more closely with patients in outlying areas, CPESN® Hawaii pharmacists take clincis to remote communities to provide screenings, immunizations, and other health services.