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Tyson Drugs Pilots Special Purpose Network CPESN® PPC@Home in Oxford, MS

Austin Crocker, Lead Clinical Pharmacist at APOTHEcare, a division of Tyson Drugs in Oxford, MS joins Stephen Lewis, MD, Chief Physiatry Officer for CPESN® PPC@Home to describe their chronic disease rehab care pilot. The CPESN Mississippi pharmacy is owned by Luminary Bob Lomenick and is participating in the special purpose network CPESN PPC@Home.

Estimated $16.7K in Revenue per CPESN® Health Equity Pharmacy Participating in Missouri Vaccine Hesitancy Program

The multi-phase Vaccine Hesitancy and Gap Closure Program started in southeast Missouri and is gaining traction statewide. Vaccine hesitancy conversations with CPESN pharmacists and technicians are integrated to Med Sync calls, boosting the revenue potential as pharmacies are being compensated for building on services already being provided. The program is funded by the Missouri Dept. of Health and Senior Services.

CPESN® Big Tree Medical Launch

Moose Pharmacy in Monroe welcomed the community with an open house to announce the opening of its Big Tree Medical Clinic. With a startup goal of 30 patients in 30 days, Ashley Moose, owner and pharmacist, says marketing includes social media, and outreach to self-insured employers and pharmacy patients.

Health Equity: It's a No-Brainer

CPESN® NYC Luminary Roger Paganelli says training support staff as community health workers is a no-brainer for owners wanting to take their pharmacies to the next level. His Mt. Carmel pharmacy has affiliated with the special purpose network CPESN® Health Equity and will help promote a November CHW training to support NYC network pharmacies.

CPESN® Big Tree Medical in Washington

CPESN® Washington's Kari VanderHouwen talks about her decision to affiliate with the special purpose network CPESN® Big Tree Medical. Big Tree is recruiting a primary care practitioner to reopen a clinic in a building owned by VanderHouwen and the location of one of her two pharmacies.

CPESN® Missouri CHW Success Leads to CPESN® Health Equity

Successful engagement of pharmacy-based community health workers in a HRSA-funded vaccine hesitancy program helped pave the way for the special purpose network CPESN® Health Equity.

SPN and Local Network Collaboration: CPESN® Health Equity, CPESN® Wyoming

Affiliating with Special Purpose Network CPESN® Health Equity helped CPESN® Wyoming secure CDC 1815 grant funding to integrate Community Health Workers to their practices and address social determinants of health needs for their patients.