RxSelect CPESN provides enhanced clinical services to optimize medication therapy for improved patient outcomes, quality of care, and value to the health care system by including pharmacists as integral members of the patient care team.

RxSelect CPESN is administered by AlignRx, the nation's largest independently owned pharmacy services administration organization (PSAO).

Although based in Oklahoma, RxSelect CPESN is open to AlignRx member pharmacies in any state meeting the following requirements: 

  • Participation in chain code 769 or 678
  • Minimum required quality score on RxSelect CPESN Application
  • Willingness to provide all CPESN USA minimum required services plus administer immunizations
  • Execution of RxSelect CPESN Addendum to the AlignRx Pharmacy Services Agreement

Leadership & Luminaries

Kacee Blackwell
Kacee Blackwell, Managing Network Facilitator
Clark Bishop
Clark Bishop, Network Lead Luminary

How to Join RxSelect CPESN

To learn more about RxSelect CPESN, including how to join the network, contact Managing Network Facilitator Kacee Blackwell.