Our community pharmacy-based network of pharmacists and their teams improve the health and quality of life of Minnesotans by delivering enhanced medication-related services, while working in collaboration with other healthcare providers to optimize therapeutic outcomes and control costs of care.

Network Description: We are a growing network of pharmacies, founded in 2019; member pharmacies receive biweekly newsletters, access to numerous practice enhancing webinars, resources and support to transform community practice. We continue to grow our payer program opportunities and partnerships in Minnesota.

Link here  for news about the CPESN Minnesota and UCare Community-based Partnership to Improve Health Outcomes of UCare Members.

Leadership & Luminaries

Lindsay Christensen
Lindsay Christensen, PharmD, Executive Director
Steve Simenson
Steve Simenson, Network Lead Luminary
Paul Iverson
Paul Iverson, Luminary
Mike Schwartzwald
Mike Schwartzwald, Luminary
Laura Schwartzwald
Laura Schwartzwald, Luminary
Erin Suomala
Erin Suomala, Luminary
Jessica Astrup Ehret
Jessica Astrup Ehret, Luminary
Joe Dvorak
Joe Dvorak, Luminary
Sandy Murphy
Sandy Murphy, Luminary

Local Network Requirements

The minimum requirements for participation in CPESN Minnesota are the same as for participation in CPESN USA.

  • Face-to-Face Access

    Providing each patient receiving a dispensed medication from the participating pharmacy ready access to unscheduled face-to-face meeting(s) with a pharmacist employed by the participating CPESN pharmacy during operational hours.

  • Medication Reconcilation

    Comparing a patient’s medication orders to all of the medications the patient has been taking to avoid medication errors during care transitions when they are vulnerable to medication errors

  • Clinical Medication Sychronization

    Aligning a patient’s routine refills to be filled at the same time each month and in conjunction pharmacist’s clinical disease state management and monitoring, to progress toward desired therapeutic goals

  • Immunizations

    Screening patients for ACIP recommended immunizations, educating patients about needed immunizations, and providing immunizations or referring to other health care providers

  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews

    Providing a systemic assessment of medications to identify medication-related problems, prioritize those problems, and create a patient-specific plan to resolve them working with the extended healthcare team

  • Personal Medication Record

    Creating a comprehensive list of current patient medications manually or from dispensing software.

How to Join CPESN Minnesota

To learn more about CPESN Minnesota or to join the network, click the button on the right to contact Executive Director Lindsay Christensen.