NESP (Nebraska Enhanced Services Pharmacies), an affiliate of CPESN, enables the provision of patient-centered enhanced services by the local community pharmacies through a participation network that share sustainable practice approaches and advocates for business strategies consistent with supporting these services.

The collaborative leadership of NESP in actively engaging pharmacies across the state to become involved in this higher level of service and maintain membership to be a sustainable group in the coming years. NESP looks to improve care delivery and enhance compensation to sustain pharmacy services at independent pharmacies to meet the needs of their local communities.


Leadership & Luminaries

Staci Hubert, Managing Network Facilitator
Mitchell Deines

Local Network Requirements

CPESN® Nebraska NESP Minimum Service Sets
All member pharmacies are capable of providing the following core services:

  • Medication Reconciliation

    Comparing a patient’s medication orders to all of the medications the patient has been taking to avoid medication errors during care transitions.


  • Clinical Medication Sychronization

    Timing a patient’s routine refills with a pharmacist’s clinical disease state management and monitoring to progress toward desired therapeutic goals.


  • Immunizations

    Screening patients for ACIP recommended immunizations, educating patients about needed immunizations, and providing immunizations or referring to other health care providers.

  • Complete Medication Reviews with Chronic Care Management

    Providing ongoing evaluation of a patient’s chronic disease states, collaborating with other health care providers to ensure safe and effective medication use.

  • Personal Medication Record

    Creating a comprehensive list of current medications and sharing it with the patients 

How to Join CPESN Nebraska

To learn more about Nebraska Enhanced Services Pharmacies (NESP) or to join the CPESN network, contact Managing Network Facilitator Staci Hubert at [email protected]