Community-Based Pharmacy Solutions for All

CPESN® USA is the leader in joining payers, pharmacies, and communities together to provide enhanced health services locally.

Roger & bob

Roger Paganelli

Pharmacist/Owner, Mt. Carmel Pharmacy - CPESN® NYC


Bob Lomenick

Pharmacist/Owner, Tyson Drugs - CPESN® Mississippi


2023 CPESN® USA Luminaries of the Year

Clinically Integrated Network

As a Clinically Integrated Network, CPESN USA pharmacy providers collectively deliver health services to improve quality of care for patients in their local communities and to lower total cost of care.

CPESN incorporates innovation and technology to empower its networks of pharmacies to succeed in an evolving outcomes marketplace. Transparency in value contracting ensures sustainability of independent community pharmacies as they leverage local trust for new provider and payer partnerships.

Chelsea Anderson, Pharmacy Technician/Manager and Clayton Moore, Tyson Drug Co., CPESN® Mississippi
Chelsea Anderson, Pharmacy Technician/Manager and Clayton Moore, Tyson Drug Co., CPESN® Mississippi


Why is CPESN USA the right pharmacy partner to improve patient outcomes and save money? CPESN USA is organized as a network of local community pharmacy networks. Payers, Purchasers and Partners alike rely on these local collaboratives to successfully implement programs, including value-based contracting and service opportunities.

Additionally, Special Purpose Networks and Special Purpose Programs are provided for those pharmacies wishing to be more entrepreneurial and engage in some of the latest alternative dispensing and non-dispensing service and revenue opportunities emerging in the marketplace. View this short animation to learn more. 

Meaningful Customer Value

A single contract opens access to 3,500 community pharmacies in 49 local networks across 44 states where care delivery is consistent against quality standards through CPESN USA’s EngageRx® Services.

Innovative. Patient-Focused. Trusted. That's the CPESN USA way.

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Local roots, local relationships, and local engagement.

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Quality improvement, quality assurance, and practice transformation.

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Scaling local network performance for national value-based success.

  • Scott Fowler, JD, MD

    CPESN has a unique opportunity to assist practices in value-based care models in achieving success in medication-related quality measures.

    Scott Fowler, JD, MD
    President, CEO — Holston Medical Group
  • Gerald Finken

    We get to work with CPESN USA with one contract for the documentation and the payments, making it so very simple for us. CPESN is right there, helping us to deliver the services with the community pharmacies.

    Gerald Finken
    CEO — RxE2
  • Scott Reuter

    We’re excited to be working with CPESN pharmacies across America to help them do what they do best, while also advancing our mission of providing advanced diagnostic services to all areas of the population, including those that are traditionally harder to reach, in the enduring fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

    Scott Reuter
    VP, Operations - Mobility Health
  • Anna Langerveld

    Pharmacogenomics testing has the ability to help a lot of patients in terms of optimizing medications and ultimately improving their outcomes. CPESN community pharmacists who are clinically oriented are ideal partners for us in this endeavor.

    Anna Langerveld
    President, CEO - Genemarkers