Expand your pharmacy's patient base by serving patients living at home in your local community with CPESN® LTC@Home.

Long-Term Care at Home Pharmacy Services

CPESN LTC@Home provides your pharmacy with the education, compliance and accreditation guidance to engage in reimbursable CMS long-term care services for eligible patients. CMS has created criteria for senior patients who reside in their home as eligible to receive the same reimbursable Medicare benefits as those patients who reside in a CMS-accredited senior community. LTC@Home helps you build and grow this segment of your pharmacy business through existing workflow while qualifying for higher reimbursements, and strengthening relationships with local prescribers.Through documentation of patient services, pharmacies demonstrate their high-performance and readiness to participate in value-based care programs for eligible long-term care patients. Now is the time to leverage long-term care opportunities and increase pharmacy revenue as part of the high-performing CPESN LTC@Home.


Helping patients age in their care location of choice, at home.
Helping patients age in their care location of choice, at home.
"There are patients in your pharmacies that need these types of services, and your pharmacy needs to be providing these types of services."

Tim Mitchell, owner of Mitchell's Drug Stores in Neosho, MO, says adding pharmacy at-home services through CPESN® LTC@Home has been a "lifesaver" for his three pharmacies.  Watch this short CPESN LTC@Home Success video for more on the benefits Mitchell says his pharmacy is experiencing as a CPESN LTC@Home affiliate.

Benefits for CPESN Member Pharmacies

  • Develop best practices under LTC@Home guidance to identify patients, utilize pharmacy staff, and build workflows that support CMS-level patient care
  • Participate with the collective strength of high-performing pharmacies to engage prescribers, add patient referrals
  • Resource the knowledge of LTC@Home staff to meet compliance and quality standards
  • Earn an annual Endorsement exclusively for your CPESN LTC@Home pharmacy
  • Access ACPE-accredited education for the LTC Champion at your participating pharmacy 


Medications at Home
Medications at Home


Costs icon
  • $95 per LTC NPI, per month for CPESN USA participation
  • $79 per LTC NPI, per month for CPESN LTC@Home affiliation

Note: Some local networks charge additional participation fees.

Requirements Icon
CPESN LTC@Home Requirements
  • Obtain LTC NPI number for affiliating pharmacy 
  • Select taxonomy of long-term care pharmacy for LTC NPI
  • Join CPESN USA with the LTC NPI number
  • Attest that affiliating pharmacy can provide the six Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) services
  • Designate a primary CPESN local network affiliation for the LTC NPI


Expand your pharmacy's patient base by supporting the chronically ill and aging in place in your local community with the support of CPESN® LTC@Home.

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