Expand your pharmacy's patient base by serving patients living at home in your local community with CPESN® LTC@Home.

Long-Term Care at Home Pharmacy Services

Did you know that your pharmacy could have community-dwelling individuals who are considered part of the long-term care population? Leverage long-term-care opportunities leading to expanded reimbursements, new partnerships with providers, and improved patient quality of life. Available exclusively to pharmacies participating in CPESN USA as a secondary chapter affiliation, CPESN LTC@Home is focused on helping your pharmacy become market ready and demonstrate your value to payers for long-term-care at home pharmacy services for chronically-ill and aging-in-place patients in your community. Take advantage of new revenue as a network of high performing long-term-care at home pharmacies.


Helping patients age in their care location of choice, at home.
Helping patients age in their care location of choice, at home.

Benefits for CPESN Member Pharmacies

  • Earn an annual Endorsement exclusively for CPESN LTC@Home pharmacies
  • Ensure your LTC Champion receives continuous training
  • Access to private member portal where pharmacies can:
    • Obtain and utilize a LTC NPI with our expert support
    • Access LTC@Home best practices, patient identification guides, and workflow optimization tools
    • Streamline compliance with LTC@Home documentation
    • Enhance your marketing efforts with support to engage local providers and attract new customers
    • Gain access to industry partnerships, guidance, and support for licensing, contracting entities, and organizations to ensure CMS LTC compliance
  • Equip your team with training and ongoing support
  • Join scheduled office hours with LTC@Home leaders
  • Collaborate with like-minded pharmacies to engage providers and generate new revenue sources


Medications at Home
Medications at Home


Costs icon
  • $95 per NPI, per month for CPESN USA participation
  • $79 per NPI, per month for the CPESN LTC@Home affiliation

Note: Pharmacy Participant is required under the CPESN USA Clinically Integrated Network requirements to join and be accepted into at least one local CPESN Network(s). Special Purpose Networks are secondary and optional affiliations. 

Requirements Icon
Minimum Standards
  • CPESN USA member in good standing and affiliated with a local network 
    • Have or obtain LTC NPI and continue with LTC basic standards
  • Identify a LTC@Home champion (for each participating pharmacy location)
  • Receive LTC@Home pharmacy Endorsement through CPESN LTC@Home SPN


Expand your pharmacy's patient base by supporting the chronically ill and aging in place in your local community with the support of CPESN® LTC@Home.

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