What is CPESN?

 The Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network: Building a Network of Networks



Which pharmacies are ideal participants in CPESN? 

  • Pharmacies that focus on PATIENTS instead of PRESCRIPTIONS
  • Pharmacies that establish STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with their patients and members of the local health care community
  • Pharmacies that provide ENHANCED SERVICES
    • Services that transcend conventional requirements of an outpatient pharmacy program contract that are focused on improving clinical and global patient outcomes
      • Examples include: home delivery with patients status review, medication synchronization with clinical review, and adherence packaging with patient coaching 

ENHANCED SERVICES address the unique medication use needs of complex patients, thereby helping them achieve the best possible results from medication use.

Through the provision of ENHANCED SERVICES, CPESN pharmacies are committed to improving HEALTH OUTCOMES and decreasing TOTAL HEALTHCARE COSTS for patients in their care.