University of Texas Students Develop Patient-facing, Student-facing Videos for CPESN USA

CPESN USA helps support community pharmacies, but their value extends to the pharmacy's patients, too. Patients of CPESN pharmacies can “Expect More" from a value-based care model with outcomes being the top priority. Our goal in developing these videos is to show patients in the community the benefits of not just filling prescriptions at a local, community-based CPESN pharmacy, but utilizing pharmacists for additional medication-use support services, like point-of-care testing, immunizations, daily-use packaging, and comprehensive medication reviews. Click here for the video.


Thanks to the following for help on this project: Ryan Hoffart, Erin Lyon, and the NCPA-University of Texas Chapter; Alex Le Productions and the University of Texas College of Communication, Ashley Garling, Pharm.D., Nathan Pope, Pharm.D., CPESN Texas Lead Luminary Ben McNabb, Pharm.D.; Actors: Marlene, Norman Nguyen, Bobby Anyakwo, Alex Bui, and Michelle Vargas. Special thanks to Rannon Ching, Pharm.D. and Tarrytown Pharmacy.


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