NCPA Releases Results of Vaccination Survey

A new survey released by the National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA) shows a strong preference among Americans to receive the COVID-19 vaccines from a trusted health care provider, such as their local pharmacist or doctor. According to a survey of 1,390 adults conducted by Public Policy Polling Feb. 26-27, 70% of Americans received their flu shot from their local pharmacy or physician and 60% of Americans would prefer to receive their COVID-19 vaccination from the same two options.
Responding to the survey CPESN Executive Director Troy Trygstad, PharmD, PhD, MBA said, "Thousands of pharmacies are ready... wanting to help... waiting for the vaccine. The greatest immunization capacity the country has ever seen... ready... wanting to help... waiting. Hundreds of millions of patients don't want to go to massive vaccination clinics but rather local pharmacies and physician clinics, where they already get their other vaccinations. Yet, most pharmacies and physician clinics are, or have been, last in line. What are we missing here?"
Click here for the survey results.