Local Network Updates

Local Network Updates

The CPESNSM movement is gaining momentum in many local areas across the country. Here are some recent highlights from just a few of the local CPESN networks that are collaborating to change the future of pharmacy practice in America.



The AIP-GA CPESN is going strong and building momentum!  Currently, there are 189 pharmacies in the network and participation continues to increase.  In April at AIP’s Spring meeting, Ashley Branham provided an excellent CPESNSM presentation which is sure to spark even more enthusiasm and involvement. Pharmacy owners are joining together and reaching out to providers, payers and self-insured employers to promote what sets the AIP-GA CPESN pharmacies apart. The message is clear! These pharmacies are providing enhanced services which ultimately improve outcomes and decrease overall costs. People are listening!     

Just last week, one of the AIP-GA CPESN pharmacies received a referral to take care of a patient’s meds from a HME/Respiratory therapy company. The patient was discharged from the hospital on a ventilator and the respiratory therapy company moved the patient from a big box store to a CPESN network pharmacy due to the enhanced services offered. This is the first of many!


Arkansas CPESN

Since their first kick-off meeting in November 2016, the Arkansas CPESN has been working non-stop to establish their governance and launched March 13, 2017. They have 141 participating pharmacies and have rallied quickly to establish their mission statement, logo, and application for an LLC. Workgroups are working diligently to set up communication strategies, including a social media and quarterly updates, developing surveys on their enhanced services, and meeting with payors. Arkansas Luminary Max Caldwell commented, “We thank Joe Moose, Ashley Branham and Troy Trygstad for their support as well as our volunteer workgroups and supporting partners John Vinson and Megan Smith. We feel like this is the way pharmacy is going to go and have received positive responses in Arkansas and believe monetary compensation for these services will soon be a reality.”


CPESN Colorado 

The CPESN Colorado continues to gain momentum with high performing pharmacies across the state. We distributed their participation agreements in January 2017 and, as of May 1 2017, have 25 participating high performing pharmacies enrolled. We have a strong initial group of high performing pharmacies that are ready to change the practice of pharmacy in Colorado. We are excited about our early progress. We are searching out payors and providers in the state to begin our work with. This would not be possible without the support of Ashley, Noel, and Joe. Thank you all for leading the path to our future.



We had a live meeting at the February Expo to update on the status of the network and next steps.  We are in the process of completing initial site visits for all participating locations.  The intent of visits is to establish a baseline and determine readiness especially related to the 5 core services.  We are also hoping to identify best practice sites that could help sites in need of improvement or further enhancement/implementation of their services. We also received the Outcomes Innovative Pharmacy Grant from the Iowa Pharmacy Association Foundation. We have formed an LLC and are in the process of finalizing our operations guidelines.



CPESN Texas has been progressing rapidly, besting the speed-to-market milestones set by the other fast-moving local CPESNSM networks. They held their initial planning meeting just two months ago and distributed their network agreements this past week (May 1). They've also developed a CPESN Texas logo and other marketing tools. When asked about the brisk pace that she and her fellow luminaries have been maintaining, Trena Weidmann, PharmD, said, "We are passionate aobut community-based pharmacy and firmly believe that our network improves the health of the Texans we serve. We are pleased to be a part of the CPESN movement and anxious to share our story here in Texas." 



The Utah CPESN team is excited to be presenting at the Utah Pharmacy Association annual meeting this month, when we will be debuting our network for many Utah pharmacists. We plan to begin a promoting our network broadly and collecting signed participation agreements after the pharmacy association meeting. Our goal is to officially "launch" our network June 15th. We currently have five active subcommittees that have worked hard to develop basic marketing materials, our participation agreements, defined our core services, approved by-laws, and begun outreach to local payers.


Kentucky Pharmacy Care Network

The Kentucky Network (KPCN) is excited to announce that we will be sending out participation agreements for signature in May of 2017. Since the kick-off meeting held in early March, our team of 8 network leaders from across the state have been working aggressively to define the vision and direction of our network; and set up an infrastructure that is going to help us achieve our dream. We are looking forward to network growth in the upcoming months, and are very anxious to see the successes that will come from it. A special thank-you is due to the CPESNSM group for all of their support along the way.


LaCPESN (Louisiana)

In the last 3 months, LaCPESN members have been hard at work establishing multiple aspects of their network. The member pharmacies are currently voting on a logo for their network. Once the logo is chosen, it will be coupled with the preliminary work that has already been completed around the creation of the LaCPESN webpage. Look for us soon! LaCPESN facilitators and luminaries have also reached out to multiple potential partners, including the possibility of embedding pharmacy students in the enhanced services network. Finally, the quality assurance workgroup was formed and has conferenced several times. They have elected to begin their work around the required service of immunization. The group is working to ensure that all members are properly credentialed to administer vaccines or have consistent screening practices for referrals. As all the pistons begin to fire, these are exciting times for LaCPESN!


Mutual CPESN (North Carolina)

As the CMMI grant in North Carolina moves through year 3, the Mutual CPESN has organized and is working towards a transition plan to ensure continued success in North Carolina. With just over 100 pharmacies currently enrolled, the Mutual CPESN team is actively working to establish ongoing partnerships with payers and provider organizations in North Carolina. Additionally, they will be engaging with efforts in Virginia and South Carolina to support its pharmacies in those states. 


Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (PPCN) 

PPCN is gearing up to launch its first contract with a Medicaid MCO payer in Summer 2017. PPCN continues to grow in membership – to date, there are 161 individual community pharmacies within PPCN, 138 of which are independently owned, and 23 individual pharmacies from two regional chains. Every pharmacist within PPCN must complete a patient care training program, which was created in collaboration with all seven schools of pharmacy in Pennsylvania and is designed to help all pharmacists within the network have the skills necessary to provide direct patient care.