Local CPESN Highlights

The CPESN movement is gaining momentum in many local areas across the country. Here are some recent highlights from just a few of the CPESN groups that are collaborating to change the future of pharmacy practice in America.


CPESN Louisiana

Since their initial meeting in mid-October, the CPESN team in Louisiana has been working diligently and officially launched (and distributed their participation agreements) in January 2017. They’ve gone from zero to launch in just four months, becoming the fastest CPESN to reach this milestone. When asked about their quick start, network facilitator Bill Porter said, “It has taken two groups working together to get to this point.  First, the team at CPESN has empowered us and allowed us to be aggressive in finalizing our infrastructure, governance, and other details. Second, the dedicated pharmacy leaders throughout Louisiana are a committed group volunteering their time and expertise to push the process along. Without these parts working in sync, there is no way we could have accomplished this as quickly as we did.”


CPESN Virginia

The CPESN Virginia continues to gain momentum with high performing pharmacies across the state. They distributed their participation agreements in December 2016 and, as of January 15th, have 23 participating high performing pharmacies enrolled already. Pharmacy owner Stacey Swartz, PharmD, commented, “We’ve appreciated the support that we’ve received from both Krystalyn Weaver with the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations and the guidance from Ashley Branham and the team at CPESN. We have a strong initial group of high performing pharmacies that are ready to change the practice of pharmacy in Virginia. We are excited about our early progress.”



Nearly one year ago, key member-owners of the CPESN Iowa sat down for the first time. Today, they are 80 pharmacies strong and engaged in payer negotiations on value-based payment models. They are developing a plan to bring in partners to assist in marketing their network to payers, doctors, and consumers – plus, their CPESN pharmacy locator application launches this month! Quality assurance visits are being scheduled to each Iowa site with the goal of ensuring best practices in pharmacy workflow to enable enhanced service provision. Iowa Luminary Matt Osterhaus, FAPhA, FASCP, shared the perspective of the group, “While we've accomplished a lot, there is much more to do. We are proud of our role in organizing and fostering the role of community pharmacies to improve the health of communities in Iowa and pleased to being one of the trailblazing CPESN groups. We hope that we can share our accumulated learning with other CPESN member-owners.”


Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (PPCN)

PPCN is a service of and wholly owned subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA). PPA has supported the concept of creating a network of pharmacists providing patient care since 2008. In the more recent years, grant funding from the PA Department of Health through the CDC, facilitated the framework of PPCN, including a patient care training program.  The training program was created in collaboration with all seven schools of pharmacy in Pennsylvania and is designed to help all pharmacists within the network have the skills necessary to provide patient care. In January 2016, Mindy Kozminski, PharmD, BCACP, joined PPCN as the Executive Manager. She has led the efforts to identify and partner with community pharmacies across the state who are providing and want to expand patient care services beyond traditional dispensing.  To date, there are 149 individual community pharmacies within PPCN. PPCN is also working closely with CPESN and hopes to launch their own version of the pharmacy locator app early in 2017! Dr. Kozminski shared, “It has been amazing how being able to show payers where these pharmacies are and share with them the amazing work they are already doing.  This has changed our conversations dramatically, we now have multiple payers interested in partnering with PPCN in this new pay for performance environment!”



The AIP/GA CPESN is in full-swing. They launched the network in December by hosting a kick-off webinar with CPESN USA leaders Ashley Branham and Joe Moose. Since then, they have had boots on the ground promoting the network and registering pharmacies. To participate, AIP pharmacies must agree to offer a clinical medication synchronization program and provide counseling and medication management. Currently, they have approximately 90 pharmacies enrolled.

Charlie Barnes and Hugh Chancy are two of AIP/GA CPESN's luminaries. They will be hosting local meetings on February 21 and 22 to discuss the importance of becoming a part of the CPESN.  Other meetings across the state will follow and be facilitated by their local luminaries.