CPESN Pharmacists Named Finalists for 2020 Next Generation Pharmacist Awards

Three CPESN Pharmacists were announced as finalist for the 2020 Next-Generation Pharmacist Awards. Two were finalists in the "Entrepreneur" category. They were:

  • Pharmacist Selma Alami, co-owner of Mustang Drug in Mustang, Oklahoma, is active with RxSelect CPESN.
  • Pharmacist Chris Antypas, president of Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy in Pittsburgh, is a luminary with the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network, the CPESN network in the state.


Another pharmacist was announced as a finalist in the "Patient Care Provider" category. Pharmacist Randy McDonough, co-owner of Towncrest Pharmacy in Iowa City, is a luminary with CPESN USA and CPESN Iowa.