CPESN Pharmacists Featured in America's Pharmacist

CPESN pharmacists and pharmacy owners were featured in a December 2020 article on NCPA Convention Awards in America's Pharmacist. CPESN awardees included:


CPESN USA and Mutual CPESN luminary Amina Abubakar, owner of RxClinic Pharmacy in Charlotte, was named the 2020 NCPA Willard B. Simmons Pharmacist of the Year.


Nasir Mahmood, owner of Pine Plains Pharmacy and member of CPESN Upstate NY, received the 2020 NCPA Calvin J. Anthony Lifetime Achievement Award.


CPESN NYC pharmacist Mayank Parikh, owner of Super Health pharmacies in New York City and New Jersey, received NCPA Foundation’s NARD Ownership Award.


Jonathan Harward, a pharmacist at Josef’s Pharmacy in the Mutual CPESN network, was named 2020 NCPA Foundation National Preceptor of the Year.


Staci Hubert received the 2020 CPESN Luminary of the Year award. Hubert is the owner of Ashland Pharmacy in Ashland, Nebraska and lead luminary for CPESN Nebraska.


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