CPESN Pharmacists and Leaders Recognized By Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association

CPESN pharmacists, pharmacy owners, and leaders were recently recognized with a number of awards by the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA). Most notably, Gerry O'Hare, BSPharm, owner of Jeffrey's Drug Store in Canonsburg was awarded the 2020 PPA Bowl of Hygeia award. Click here to see the announcement.


Additionally, PPA recognized:

Stephanie Mrozek, PharmD, was selected for the Pauline Montgomery Leadership Award. Stephanie is part of the management team at Hometown Pharmacy Solutions and a pharmacist at Dierken’s Pharmacy. Click here for more.


Chuck Obeid, BSPharm, was selected as the 2020 PPA Preceptor of the Year. Chuck is a pharmacist at Sheehan’s Pharmacy.


Pat Epple was awarded the 2020 Mortar & Pestle Award. Pat is the CEO of PPA and a Network Facilitator for the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network, the CPESN Network in Pennsylvania. Click here to read more.