Benefits of Being a Member of a Local CPESN

Join the CPESN movement! Connect with like-minded community pharmacists to become high performing, enhanced services delivering pharmacy. Our unique approach and expertise will help empower participating pharmacies to take this important next step in the evolution of pharmacy practice.

Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy by joining your local CPESN

  • CPESN offers a structure that eliminates any third party self interest. It is owned by, comprised of, and created for the long-term success its member owners.
  • CPESN supports participating pharmacies that are deeply rooted in the local care team community helping them forge more meaningful relationships with the broader patient care team.
  • CPESN offers subject matter expertise on a wide variety of topics including: network formation, optimizing care delivery, connecting to the broader patient care team, and creating value-based payment models.
  • CPESN will help you improving the quality of your local network by analyzing pharmacy performance in ways that resonate with purchasers of enhanced services.


Talk with a CPESN Luminary and learn more about how CPESN can help your pharmacy.