CPESN@Home believes healthcare should be accessible to patients in their homes. We will use enhanced pharmacy services and technology to deliver patient-centered care, optimize medication use, and drive favorable health outcomes.

About: CPESN@Home is a nationwide network of long-term care (LTC) or community-LTC combination pharmacies that utilize enhanced pharmacy services to optimize medication use and improve patient-centered care.

Pharmacies interested in joining CPESN@Home can start the process by following this link to complete the Pharmacy Attestation. 

Home Delivery
Home Delivery

Leadership & Luminaries

Dan Brown, Managing Network Facilitator
Vickilee Einhellig, Network Lead Luminary

Local Network Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements to join CPESN@Home:
    •  Pharmacy has a LTC NPI
    •  Pharmacy meets five of the minimum requirements for participation in CPESN USA: conduct comprehensive medication reviews, provide medication synchronization, provide or screen for immunizations, conduct medication reconciliation, and provide personal medication record
    •  Pharmacy provides delivery of medications to patients
    •  Pharmacy offers adherence packaging services
    •  Pharmacy provides Transitions of Care Management: Support the needs of patients transitioning between levels of care by providing medication reconciliation and communicating with the patient and other health care team members
    •  Pharmacy staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (as defined in CMS guidelines)
    •  Pharmacy provides or assists in providing patient with sterile compounding medications

How to join CPESN@Home

To learn more about CPESN@Home or to join the network contact Managing Network Facilitator Dan Brown.