Monali Bhosle



Monali Bhosle

Assistant Director, Analytics and Reporting




Monali Bhosle, PhD
Monali is a health economist with over ten years of experience in healthcare analytics and predictive modeling. Monali leads the pharmacy analytics team at CPESN USA with the primary focus in creating innovative risk scoring solutions and care guidance methodologies. Monali also serves as Director of Advanced Pharmacy Analytics at Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC). 
Monali’s primary responsibilities include understanding the big data and implementing effective strategies using data for improving patient care. A pharmacist by background, Monali possesses a unique combination of clinical and economics background. She has worked with various datasets including, claims and EMR from various sources. At CCNC, Monali is managing the risk score models that use prescription and hospital discharge data to help providers know which patients are at risk for future admissions and drug therapy problems and when to intervene. Prior to joining CCNC, Monali has been instrumental in developing predictive models at RxAnte, LLC predicting patient medication adherence.
Monali serves as an analytic expert on Pharmacy Quality Alliance’s (PQA) Research Coordinating Committee helping them to enhance their research portfolio by providing oversight of PQA’s research focus areas and recommend potential projects, funding partners, and/or sites for research/demonstration projects.