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About CPESN Networks

All pharmacies are not the same. Some pharmacies only focus on the prescription and filling it fast as they can…with little patient interaction. Other pharmacies focus on patients. These pharmacies have strong relationships with the patient and members of the patient’s local care team AND provide enhanced services that have proven to improve the health of complex patients.


These unique pharmacies are members of community pharmacy enhanced services networks. CPESN® Network pharmacies offer:

  • A clear focus on interventions that change patient behavior and lead to improved health outcomes
  • The experience necessary to provide medication optimization activities and other enhanced services
  • A collaborative approach with other health care team members who are held jointly accountable


CPESN network pharmacies assist primary care physicians, care managers, and others within the patient's care team with patient engagement and longitudinal patient management as well as:

  • Remove barriers preventing optimal medication adherence such as health literacy or cognitive deficits
  • Offer specialized medication-related services such as non-English labeling or specialized packaging
  • Support the patient’s understanding of medication administration and special storage instructions


CPESN USA empowers community-based pharmacies that are deeply rooted within the local care team community by fostering and enabling the provision of high quality and high integrity patient-centered enhanced services. CPESN network pharmacies are integrated with the other providers on the patient’s care team and offer coordinated medical treatment which has led to increased medication adherence, improved patient satisfaction, and lower health care costs. Local CPESN networks are forming across the United States.


For specific requests, please email info@cpesn.com.