CPESN® Networks Announces Intend, Inc. is the First Direct Pay Initiative Program Partner

28 Jul 2023

CPESN® USA announces Intend, Inc. is the first company to meet the requirements to become a Direct Pay Initiative Program Partner. As such, Intend, Inc. is offering CPESN pharmacies an online platform for managing medical services and offering pharmacy memberships.  

CPESN USA, a clinically integrated, nationwide organization of pharmacy providers created to provide enhanced health services in local communities conducted an extensive 14-month evaluation of software technology providers focusing on key feature requirements, including: Marketing and Communications, Drug Product Tiering, Care Delivery, Service Capture, Subscriber Membership Enrollment, Revenue Management and Reporting Services. Intend, Inc., the first technology provider to meet all program requirements, launches its CPESN Direct Pay Initiative with CPESN member pharmacies nationwide. 

“We are excited to be able to endorse Intend with our member pharmacies and to collaborate with them over the next several years,” said Troy Trygstad, Executive Director at CPESN USA. “Intend has been instrumental in helping our pharmacy providers with the transition to medical services since 2020 and this new Direct Pay Initiative will expand the platform’s use nationwide.” 

“This partnership with CPESN USA is a milestone for Intend and we couldn’t have reached this point without the guidance of the Executive Leadership team at CPESN USA and dozens of CPESN pharmacies that have been instrumental in the development of the feature set now available in the platform,” said Eric Kupferberg, President of Intend. “We are looking forward to working with local CPESN Networks on services and membership-model adoption and implementation.” 


CPESN® USA a clinically integrated, nationwide organization of pharmacy networks structured to advance community-based pharmacy practice. They empower community-based pharmacies that are deeply rooted within their community by fostering their ability to provide high quality, patient-centered enhanced services. CPESN® pharmacies integrate with other healthcare providers on the patient’s care team to coordinate medical treatment. The results are better medication adherence, higher patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs. You can find CPESN® Networks of pharmacy providers in 43 states across America. To learn more, please visit www.CPESN.com.

About Intend, Inc. 

Intend delivers marketing campaign management, medical service scheduling, insurance verification, ePrescriptions, billing, reporting, and patient communication to healthcare providers nationwide. Since 2020, the Intend software platform has processed over 5.5 million medical procedures across more than 5,000 client accounts, serving millions of patients. The company's customizable SaaS solutions focus on: 

  • Marketing campaign automation via email, text, and internet advertising 
  • Pharmacy customized subscriber membership models 
  • Online appointment scheduling with patient and client account portals 
  • Automated insurance verification and medical billing integration 
  • ePrescription writing and integration with the SureScripts Network 
  • Flexible integrations with laboratories and state government agencies 

Intend partners with pharmacies, urgent care providers, physician offices, and laboratories to enhance business function while delivering superior patient care. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit https://demo.intend.io.